The Founder - Beth Earich

When I was a little girl, I would often dream I was in Africa rescuing children from ferocious lions. Little did I know that God had planted that seed in this child’s heart.

Clearly, I can see how God, in His sovereignty, uses all the events of one’s life, the good and the bad, to mold and to shape that person’s character into the very image He uses for the kingdom and for his glory. When God called me out of my wretchedness and into a new life clothed with the righteousness of Christ Jesus, I earnestly prayed He would choose me to serve Him, the Lord Most High.

As a believer it is natural to desire to make much of God’s greatness, His holiness and His glory. His children have this privilege in earthen vessels to do Kingdom work. I remember praying to God, “Lord, where you go, I will go. Where you lead I will follow.” It is a privilege to serve Jesus Christ. When God called me to Ghana, I eagerly replied, “Here I am! Pick me! Pick me!”

In 2001, I met a Ghanaian who listened to me talk about this dream to go to Africa and work with children. He said he would arrange for me to stay in a mission house in Keta, so I left that summer for a five week adventure that changed my life.

In Keta, I met Pearl, who at the time was a vibrant, friendly eighteen year old who became my “daughter”, my “sister”, and my friend. We were brought together by our Heavenly Father who instantly cemented our relationship together by the Holy Spirit. We spent countless days and hours walking through the villages, seeing the many needs, and asking God what two women could do to help the suffering of the people, especially the children who were deprived of food, shelter, education, and spiritual growth.

As the trips increased to twice a year, and the enthusiasm spread amongst friends and family back home in the United States, a Non-Profit Organization was created that has grown to a beautiful Ministry that is meeting the needs of many orphaned children, giving them a House of Hope to call Home and a future full of promise.

The Ghanaian Director - Pearl Tugbe Cudjoe

Pearl has been with House of Hope since the start of the ministry. As the Ghanaian Director, she oversees the ministry's operations and also the staff. During Beth's first trip to Ghana, Pearl and Beth began a relationship that grew into the establishment of the ministry. Through Pearl's knowledge of her land and culture, she provides advice and dedication to the ministry for its success. Her devotion is for the welfare of the vulnerable and needy children of Ghana. Her support in the vision of the House of Hope in changing one child at a time to make Ghana great, is the passion of her heart. Pearl is married to Wisdom and have a daughter, Enam.

The American Director - Slavko Isakov

Slavko Isakov has been serving as House of Hope's Director of American Operations since its inception in 2004. As a child Slavko had always wanted to go to Africa on a safari to take photographs of the amazing animals of the Serengeti. Little did he know that God would have a different purpose for his African adventures! As Beth Earich's son-in-law, Slavko adopted her passion and desire to create a ministry in Ghana that would help rescue orphans from the clutches of poverty and help impact them with an eternal hope in changing their futures, both physically and spiritually. Slavko oversees the Ministry's child sponsorships, fundraising, mission trips, and public relations as well as other administrative needs. Slavko is married to Christina and has three daughters, Claudia, Lela, and Vera.

The Mission

House of Hope exists to care for vulnerable people who are spiritually, physically, and economically poor, enabling them to positively impact their world.

To build a campus providing for the development in Christian disciplines, educational and career training, and creating a haven for vulnerable women and children.

Joy-We will serve the precious opportunities that God has placed in this ministry with graciousness, excitement, and joy, enabling each of our unique gifts and talents to bring about His glory and purpose.

Evangelistic-We exist to reveal the Lord Jesus Christ to all people and encourage them toward a life-changing relationship with Him.

Service-As a spiritual act of worship, we serve, using all available gifts and resources to further the Vision of the ministry.

Uncompromising- With unwavering resolve, we base our decisions and actions on the foundations of the Christian Faith.

Stewardship-All funds will be raised voluntarily, and all resources will be managed with integrity and accountability.

The Ministry

The House of Hope Ministry is a large, beautiful building constructed on a two acre plot of land located in a small village called Kledjo, just south of the city of Hohoe in the Volta Region of Ghana. The construction started in 2005 with masons, carpenters, and electricians hired from the surrounding villages. With backbreaking effort and simple tools and procedures, the building was constructed and finally completed in 2006. The initial 19 children moved into the home during the summer of 2006, a place that they could finally call “Home”!